Niri NY Media & Social Media Policy

NIRI NY events are held to advance the professional development and investor relations education of chapter members.

To encourage and foster an environment of candid discussion, all chapter events are considered to be “on background.” Attendees should not quote speakers or other attendees on any media platform without obtaining the person’s express permission. The “on background” status extends to broadcasting on social media accounts, both professional and personal.

NIRI NY event attendees should not quote event speakers and/or their presentations using social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other similar tools during and after the event.

Members of the press who seek permission to quote speakers for a publication, or who wish to schedule interviews with speakers, should make such arrangements after the conclusion of the event. Electronic recording of NIRI NY chapter events is not permitted without approval.

Any questions about our event policies, please contact Allison Sobel, Executive Vice President of Communications, at