NIRI National has a "NIRI Career Transition Program," under which members who become unemployed will be eligible to have national membership dues suspended for a period of up to twelve months at the end of their current membership term. Details on this program can be found at:

For NIRI-NY chapter members who qualify for this program, we in turn will also suspend the local chapter dues, following the same terms and conditions as the national program. We do so because we actively want to continue to be a resource for you. We are committed - now more than ever - to developing and implementing a series of valuable programs, professional development and networking events which are aimed at providing value for all of our members.

We also want this to serve as a vote of confidence that NIRI-NY believes in YOU - and we just know that WHEN you transition back into a full-time IR position, that you will re-establish your full time NIRI-NY membership and help us grow our chapter to new heights. Unless otherwise instructed by you or NIRI National, we will automatically implement the suspension of local chapter dues upon your acceptance into the NIRI Career Transition Program.

During this time of transition, we invite you to take part in our NIRI-NY chapter events. We will suspend charging any fees for you to attend the local chapter programs upon your acceptance into the NIRI National Program. Participation in these events will help you keep your knowledge current and provide valuable networking opportunities. We view your participation as an opportunity for us to retain valued members and deliver value back to you from your membership.

Please feel free to email or call NIRI-NY with any questions.