NIRI NY NextGen is a sub-group of our chapter geared specifically to meet the needs of up and coming IR professionals who are newer to the workforce and have been in IR for less than 5 years. We strive for NIRI NY to be an engaging, educational, and welcoming place for those starting out in investor relations. Whether you’re embarking on your first role in IR after a stint in equity research , are in a rotational IR spot from finance or elsewhere in your company, or working as an IR consultant or service provider, we encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge in our community.

Jumpstarting in IR

For public companies and IR consultancies, NIRI NY offers educational insights from experienced practitioners. Newer members are exposed not only to relevant trends – such as shareholder-board communication and international investor outreach – but also to thought leaders with real world context on the fascinating relationships between public companies and their shareholders. Complementing traditional education, NIRI NY NextGen exposes newer members to advanced discussions and develops a more nuanced understanding of approaches in our high profile profession.

Building Your Network in NYC

With our gatherings in the world-class city known for its finance prowess, NIRI NY NextGen attracts renowned speakers and well respected IR practitioners. Newer members have the opportunity to hear from experienced professionals, bringing relevant concepts and learnings back to the office. Our collaborative network of professionals can have a powerful and influential impact on your career and organization.

Recent NextGen Event

On May 9th, over 30 NextGen IR professionals attended a fireside chat and networking event titled “Hors D’oeuvres and Michael Kors” at Tavern29 in Manhattan. The event was created exclusively for “NextGen” members and those interested in joining. Deb Wasser (Etsy -‎ NIRI New York Chapter Board) who oversees the NextGen initiative hosted the event which was organized by the NIRI NextGen committee including MaryKate McGilley (Baird), Allison Monat (Joele Frank), Mark Eckstein (Ipreo), Sherif El-Azzazi (Brookfield Property Group), Adam Fromowitz (AST), Tanya Kamatu (Catalyst Global) and Lauren Tarola (Edelman).

The event attendance was diverse including Investor Relations Officers, consultants as well as service providers from multiple industries.

Following an inspirational fireside chat between the event moderator, MaryKate McGilley (Baird) and guest speaker, Christina Coronios (Michael Kors), NextGen professionals got to network with the speaker, exchange business cards with each other as well as enjoy complimentary drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

NIRI NY Chapter would like to pay special thanks to Michael Kors’ Christina Coronios who offered her valuable time and wisdom to the NextGen community.

Join NextGen

NextGen shows NIRI NY’s focus on supporting new members to the profession and on career development. We want to encourage participation in NIRI programs, events and engagement via complimentary access and other creative programs. If you have less than 5 years in IR, lead a team of NextGen IR executives, or know someone who would benefit from this innovative program, please contact Becky Updegraph, VP of the NIRI NY Board’s NextGen committee, at

Discounted Membership

A membership in NIRI NY NextGen represents significant savings when compared to the NIRI national membership and the regular NIRI NY chapter membership for the first three years. Members get full benefits of NIRI national as well as the NIRI NY chapter including regular industry updates and publications, various professional development programs as well as peer-to-peer networking in New York City, and access to NIRI’s Career Center.

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